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My Art Room has more space

Hi everyone! March has been a super busy month for me. I have rearranged my art room to make more space so that I can do crafts with my sister Vicky. ( Although when I look at the picture above, my art room looks pretty packed!) The painting in the picture is of Blu Hors Matine that I started over a year ago and decided that it needs to be finished. I should have it done by next week and I will post the final pictures.

Vicky and I have so much fun painting and doing art projects for ourselves. We will be making spring wreaths to hang on my porch by my kitchen. I will be video taping Vicky making the wreaths....hopefully we won't be laughing so hard we cannot video tape!

Since I have had people message me on how I am creating the crafts I make, I decided to video tape and show you. I spend alot of time researching on fun stuff to do and thought it would be a great way to share our projects with you.

I also have a few paintings I am working on now as there are many art competitions that I would like to enter in the coming months. I am really enjoying growing my art portfolio and experimenting with different styles of painting. Being that I consider myself more of a traditional artist, I am going out of my comfort zone a

Enjoy your week and I will post the video and pictures up on Saturday evening after we are done.

Chit chat away,


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