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Art Award for "Tidepools Delight"

I am pretty excited today, I received a "Special Recognized Award" in the Photography/Digital media category -- "Landscapes Art Exhibition - May 2017 for my photo I named Tidepools Delight!

I took this picture at Small Corona Beach in Southern California last year when I was with my long time best friend Jackie. We had a great time and it was by chance the weather was perfect for taking pictures. I decided to enhance the photograph to get the look I was wanting--a bit back in time when I use to go to the tide-pools at this same exact spot when I was 17. I was able to capture a few people at the tide-pools, perfect timing for this photograph.

I am blessed beyond belief. I have received 8 awards for my artwork and now my first award for my photography. I am lucky indeed. This next month is quite busy for me as I am entering a few paintings in juried art competitions. I will keep you updated on my newest paintings and photos in the next week.

Until then, have a great week friends!


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